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    DSND secures contract for Joides Resolution

    News // November 7, 2003
    DSND reports that Overseas Drilling Limited (ODL) has signed a contract with JAPEX (Japanese Petroleum Exploration Company) for the use of the vessel Joides Resolution on a project for exploration of methane hydrates off the coast of Japan.

    From late November 2003 to mid-January 2004, the vessel will mobilise to Japan, and the JAPEX contract is scheduled to commence mid-January and finalize in May 2004.

    On 30 September 2003, the Joides Resolution finalized as scheduled its 18-year contract with Texas A & M Research Foundation for the Ocean Drilling Programme and is presently being prepared for the JAPEX project.

    The Joides Resolution is owned 100 per cent by Overseas Drilling Ltd (ODL) of which DSND owns 50 per cent.

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