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    Ulstein unveils TWIN X-STERN

    Vessel & ROV News // June 5, 2015

    Ulstein believes the TWIN X-STERN is well-suited to windfarm vessels.

    Is a bow really a necessity for large ships? When the vessel’s main function is walk-to-work services in the offshore sector, a stern can operate either way, thus facilitating on-site DP positioning, says Ulstein Group.

    This is the idea behind the TWIN X-STERN concept vessel, which also includes new thoughts on propulsion, bridge, gangways and cranes.

    “The exploitation of renewable energies will become increasingly important," said Ulstein's deputy CEO, Tore Ulstein. "To serve more distant windfarms, purpose-built walk-to-work vessels with a large amount of accommodation, good motion characteristics and safe transfer will be needed."

    “With an X-STERN at each end, the vessel is symmetrical, with a continuous, large work deck and cranes on either side of the bridge. The X-STERN is heightened by one deck and gives shelter to the deck area. The large deck space can be used for transporting equipment, containers and spare parts," said the company. "Equally important, the accommodation area has the capacity to carry a large number of people. The vessel will be very flexible, as it can perform the same work on either side. The properties of the X-STERN reduce pitching and increase operability in a head sea, and the vessel can keep position with either end towards the wind turbines."

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