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    NAO lauds commitment of vessel to Mediterranean rescue operation

    News // May 18, 2015

    Herbjorn Hansson, Executive Chairman of Nordic American Offshore (NAO) has confirmed that it has committed one of its vessels to rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

    Mr Hansson said: "NAO... owns and operates platform supply vessels... which are specially designed to perform rescue operations in the North Sea... and are suitable for rescue operations in other areas, including the Mediterranean.

    "On April 20, 2015, the Norwegian government announced a plan to charter a patrol and rescue vessel that would not be ready for rescue operations in the Mediterranean until about August 1. 

    "Believing that August was far too late to help the refugees in their dramatic plight, NAO immediately announced that we could have one or more suitable vessels in place in the Mediterranean as early as 10 days after the award of a possible contract.

    "The Norwegian Prime Minister announced that the government has chartered one PSV from another source, which can be ready in the Mediterranean about June 15. This vessel is five to six years older than NAO's vessels. The charter period for that vessel is reported to be a minimum of six months.

    "We are pleased that NAO's offer of speedy availability for service helped promote the importance of this project, an offer that we made via several media appearances, including on Norwegian television. 

    "We believe our willingness to be ready much sooner than the government had planned, influenced the advancement of the government's timetable from the original August 1 date, and we must congratulate the government on its proper humanitarian response. We stand ready to help in any way we can in case more PSVs are required."


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