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    Two possible buyers for Appledore?

    Yard News // October 24, 2003
    Fairplay ( reports that two potential purchasers are now lined up to take control of the UK shipbuilder Appledore, which is currently in receivership.

    They are a local consortium put together by Tim Jones of the Devon & Cornwall Business Council and a European company with an order to place which could be built at Appledore.

    "It is very important that we have a quick decision," Jones told Fairplay, "because it is vital to keep the workforce in place and retain their skills. I anticipate a decision by early next week. It is possible the consortium and the European company maycome together but we have not had any talks as yet," he added. "I suspect we may, which would be good because the European company has the order and my consortium has good funding streams. If the two joined forces it would make the survival of the yardmore sustainable."

    Appledore has laid off its 550 workers having run out orders but is seen as being important in the North Devon area because the yard was an important employer.

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