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    Royal IHC introduces hybrid anchor handler design

    Vessel & ROV News // April 23, 2015

    The IHC Workhorse is particularly fuel efficeint.

    Royal IHC has announced an extension to its range of vessels with the introduction of the 'IHC Workhorse.'

    The new design for a hybrid anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel has been developed specifically for the offshore sector. It follows the IHC Packhorse platform supply vessels (PSV), which was launched in 2014.

    The design of the IHC Workhorse is based on intensive discussions and feedback from experienced AHTS operators, offering a number of important benefits:
    • Ease of operation: the IHC Workhorse introduces an intelligent touchscreen concept that offers operators a user-friendly interface – even when using the most sophisticated hybrid power configurations.
    • Significant fuel savings: the advanced hybrid system is configured to manage all power requirements consistently at the most efficient fuel saving level. This is achieved via an intelligent PMS network, which constantly optimises the propulsion system.
    • Superior hullform: the high-quality design focuses on reducing ship hull resistance during vessel transit (supply runs). At the same time, the design does not sacrifice the cargo carrying capacity due to the highly optimised tank layout.

    Francis Tang, Managing Director IHC Asia Pacific, said: "The new IHC Workhorse saves an additional 8-12 per cent of fuel when compared to existing hybrid designs on the market. Coupled with the highly optimised hull form, this efficient system includes many unique features, which offer the customer a number of advantages in comparison to other similar models.”

    Other highlights include the incorporation of the drives and automation package from IHC’s in-house electrical and automation departments, and the provision for a ballast water treatment system.

    In addition, the IHC Workhorse’s accommodation facilities meet the latest regulations, such as SPS 2008 and MLC 2006.


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