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    Shell takes delivery of LNG-fuelled PSV

    Vessel & ROV News // March 6, 2015

    Shell and Harvey Gulf International have put into service the first LNG powered offshore support vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. The vessel will supply Shell’s Gulf of Mexico assets, such as the new Olympus platform.

    Shell has chartered the vessel from Harvey Gulf International Marine. It is the first of its kind in the region to run on both Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and diesel. Two more LNG-fuelled vessels are expected to follow.

    LNG fuel is a new alternative for vessel operators in the Gulf of Mexico responding to new sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions regulations, as part of the North American Emission Control Area (ECA).
    Harvey Energy is 302ft long and operates on three dual-fuel Wärtsilä engines. It will run on 99 per cent LNG fuel and will be able to operate for around seven days before refueling. It will load from Harvey Gulf’s new LNG bunkering facility at their terminal at Port Fourchon.

    Port Fourchon is Louisiana’s southernmost port, with more than 600 oil and gas drilling rigs and platforms located within a 40-mile radius. From there Harvey Energy will go to Shell’s platforms, such as the new Olympus production platform, bringing equipment and drilling fluids.



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