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    Viking Supply Ships closes Aberdeen office

    Company News // February 16, 2015

    In order to "remain competitive and reduce costs" the management of Viking Supply Ships (VSS) has decided to close down its Aberdeen office with effect from July 2015.
    "The Aberdeen office has operated the Viking PSV fleet. The change is a direct result of the current weak market for these vessels," said the company. "The purpose is to ensure a lean and efficient VSS organisation for the future. All administrative functions will be absorbed by the head office in Copenhagen."
    As a consequence the company will enter into consultation with staff in the Aberdeen office.

    "The change in the organisation will reduce the overhead costs for the segment and ensure that the financial solidity of the VSS group remains strong," the company concluded.

    "The high focus on quality and safety remains, and VSS will ensure that the restructuring does not compromise on these matters. VSS will keep the existing crew composition on the vessels."


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