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    Vitter introduces bill to improve US energy economy - supports further drilling on OCS

    News // January 26, 2015

    US Senator David Vitter has introduced bills to improve the US energy economy and use of domestic resources, including expanding access to the outer continental shelf, providing businesses more certainty in the permitting process, directing action on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and fighting against a carbon tax and over-regulating by the Obama administration

    “Louisiana is at the forefront of an energy renaissance, but there is no disputing the fact that our nation’s domestic energy production on federal lands has been stymied by this administration. The rapid energy growth we’re seeing is on private and state lands,” Vitter said.

    “The administration adheres to a far-left environmentalist agenda as they continue to limit access to federal land and suffocate our domestic energy producers with red tape. I want to make sure Louisiana remains a world leader in the industry.”

    A list of the bills Vitter introduced this week is below:
    • OCS 5-year Lease Plan – returns to the previous five-year offshore leasing plan scheduled before President Obama was elected. The plan would open up nearly all of the outer continental shelf (OCS) for lease sales. The administration’s current offshore plan keeps 85 per cent of offshore areas closed.
    • Strategic Petroleum Supplies Act – forces the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline before the President could open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
    • Carbon Tax Resolution – expresses the sense of Congress that a carbon tax is not in the economic interest of the US.
    • China, India, Russia GHG Regulation – prohibits the regulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in the US unless and until China, India and Russia implement similar reductions. This would prevent the unilateral increase in the cost of energy to US consumers and businesses while China, India and Russia avoid taking any action.
    • Artificial Reef Promotion Act – expedites the review of applications to dispose of or remove an offshore oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico for use as an artificial reef.
    • Offshore Fairness Act – extends the seaward boundaries of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia to a line three marine leagues distant from the coast line, currently set at three geographic miles. This significantly extends the area states have control over.
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Reorganization Plan Codification and Complements Act – reorganizes the NRC through approval, policy formulation, rule making, and orders and adjudications.
    • Legacy Lawsuit Jurisdiction Assistance Act – prevents trial lawyers from venue-shopping for legacy lawsuit litigation. Legacy lawsuits deter investment and hinder economic growth, especially in the oil and gas industry.


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