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    All Offshore unveils DP training and monitoring solution

    Training // January 16, 2015

    All Offshore, a new company in the dynamic positioning (DP) world, founded by a highly regarded industry expert, has today announced the launch of DPDesktime. This patent-pending system is the first to provide truly accurate logging of the actual hours carried out by DP operators (DPOs), as well as the conditions they experience.

    In addition to its clear benefits for operator training, the system gives owners and managers, as well as the operators themselves, a completely independent way to demonstrate expertise. This can play an important role when dealing with charterers, as well as potentially reducing costly training expenses while personnel are on leave, as they will be able to show they achieved the necessary experience on board. It is also good news for the accreditation bodies, as they can be certain the data they receive is inherently impartial.

    Dan Endersby, Managing Director of All Offshore, said: “I’ve been in the industry for nearly 20 years and worked in various fields from running world-leading DP training facilities to managing fleets.

    "However, one point that has always frustrated me is that time logging is hugely inefficient – and, given the generalisations it works on, as well as its honesty basis, it’s likely there are times when it’s actually wrong.

    “DP operators are some of the most important specialists on board a vessel, so I believe it’s essential that owners and managers can rely on the people they hire, while the many good operators in the industry deserve a new approach that allows them to show what they can do. DPDesktime is our revolutionary solution to this challenge.”

    Although DPDesktime is the first of its kind, it is inexpensive to install, as it is based on technology from other industries and operates with industry-standard communication types. It’s also straightforward to use. The equipment has a passive link set up from the dynamic positioning systems, which means it can receive all the necessary data without interfering with the safety-critical dual-redundant networks.

    Operators are issued with smart cards, which act as electronic log books for tracking real-time operational data, as well as being an integral part of the dual-authentication process. All Offshore then stores this data on a central cloud server and automatically analyses it, so their system can generate confirmation letters and bespoke reports whenever they are required.

    Mr Endersby added: “We have kept the installation and ongoing costs of this system down, as we want to roll it out across the industry. In fact, the ongoing costs per vessel work out at less than a cup of coffee a day.”

    “Although All Offshore is a new company, it’s backed by my experience and has the support of an expert team that averages ten years in the marine industry. DPDesktime is a major step forward for the industry, but it is still just the first of our developments. We look forward to announcing more soon.”

    More information about DPDesktime and All Offshore can be found at


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