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    Harkand completes SPHL trials

    Training // December 16, 2014
    In the event of an emergency scenario, where divers are required to be evacuated to the Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL), a suitable method of rescue is required that facilitates decompression of the Divers to surface pressure.

    A Life Support Package (LSP) would be mobilised & connected to the SPHL to maintain the divers at storage depth and ensure suitable environmental conditions, within the chamber. A Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) can be utilised to allow the Divers to be decompressed in a safe and comfortable environment.

    The divers would complete a Transfer Under Pressure into a saturation diving system, where medical attention would be available, if required.

    The National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) in Aberdeen provides Hyperbaric Reception Facilities, and a SPHL Hyperbaric Lifeboat Reception procedure specific to Harkand Atlantis is available at the NHC which details the process for safe relocation of the SPHL from a safe haven (port of call to the HRF), the roles and responsibilities of key personnel and a mating protocol which provides instructions for completing a Transfer Under Pressure.

    All diving contractors are required to conduct HRF Trials to ensure compliance with the IMCA D 051 Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems (HES) Interface Recommendations and IMCA D 052 Guidance on Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems.

    Harkand recently completed HRF Trials of the Atlantis Port and Starboard SPHLs. The trials not only permitted mating of the SPHL to the NHC saturation diving system but also simulated the SPHL recovery and transfer from a safe haven to the National Hyperbaric Centre as per the Hyperbaric Lifeboat Reception procedure.

    Harkand and the NHC have captured various lessons learned and have generated an action tracker to monitor progress and improvements. Key learnings include the upgrade & modification of the LSP which is currently utilised by the NHC.

    Harkand will also arrange for a set of laser surveys for the Da Vinci Port & Starboard SPHLs.

    It was apparent that conducting SPHL laser surveys prior to the Atlantis mating trials contributed to an efficient mating. Harkand provided drawings with accurate measurements which provided the NHC the ability to precisely adjust the alignment frame prior to the mating.

    Mating trials are scheduled for the Da Vinci, Port & Starboard SPHL’s, in 2015.

    Footage of the Harkand Atlantis HRF Trials can be viewed on the Harkand Vimeo Channel. Or you can paste this URL address into your browser: 


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