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    OceanWorks upgrades trencher

    Vessel & ROV News // October 15, 2004
    OceanWorks International has completed the installation and trials of apipeline trenching upgrade package for the 1,200hp Excalibur trencher system for Global Marine Systems Ltd (GMSL).

    The Excalibur is mobilized onboard the Bold Endeavour, operated by VantageSubsea, a joint venture between GMSL and Phoenix International.

    Previously limited to cable burial operations, the upgraded Excalibur system is now capable of trenching pipelines up to 24in in diameter with a maximum burial depth of 3m in water depths up to 2,000m.

    Modifications to Excalibur include the supply of 2m and 3m jetting arms, aforward and aft mounted pipe roller drive system, a pump driven soil removal system, and a trench backfill capability.

    One of the unique upgrade features is the pump driven soil removal system. With1,200hp, the Excalibur powers a pump that can pass both abrasive slurries and solids up to 6in in diameter.

    This enables Excalibur to excavate well-defined trench profiles that are essential to the successful burial of pipeline products.

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