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    GSR Rentals to represent Optimal Ranging in the UK

    Company News // October 15, 2014

    Aberdeen-based GSE Rentals Ltd has announced an agreement with Optimal Ranging Inc to provide sales and service support for the new ORION underwater utility survey system in the UK.

    Optimal Ranging Inc. is a leading provider of products for surveying utility infrastructure worldwide including electric, oil and gas and telecommunications transmission and distribution systems.
    The ORION underwater utility survey system brings the power of model-based processing to cable and pipeline Depth of Burial (DoB) surveys. 

    The method is based on the optimization of data from multiple sensors against a model of the magnetic field expected from a utility line carrying an AC tone (actively applied or passively present). System accuracy is estimated and presented in realtime.

    The ORION system can be ROV mounted or deployed in a towed or fixed-hull set-up. For deeper cable and pipeline mapping projects in larger bays or on the continental shelf, the system can be towed over or positioned above the seabed by depressor wing or mounted on a carbon-fiber sled, respectively. On a vessel with a non-ferrous hull, the fixed set-up can be used in waters only a few meters deep enhancing accuracy since the positioning error of the ORION sensor frame relative to the vessel is minimized.

    In combination with bathymetric seabed data obtained from a terrain model, altimeter, or vessel depth sounder, the difference between bottom and utility depth can provide depth of cover accompanied by a 95 per cent confidence interval.

    Systems are immediately available for sale or for rental from GSE Rentals in Aberdeen.

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