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    Ulstein unveils the X-STERN

    Vessel & ROV News // August 27, 2014

    Ulstein Group believes the X-STERN has a number of advantages.

    Ulstein Group in Norway has unveiled the 'X-STERN,' a design feature which it believes can increase operability by enhancing stationkeeping, wave response, comfort and safety in harsh conditions.

    "An X-STERN vessel can stay on position in harsh weather with the stern towards waves, wind and current," the company explained. "For vessels where the best possible motion characteristics are vital, positioning the X-STERN towards the weather instead of the bow will be the natural choice.

    "The X-STERN leads to reduced pitch and wave drift forces, as well as eliminating slamming. Other positive effects include reduced power and fuel consumption while on DP.

    The X-STERN has several of the characteristics that are a part of Ulstein's well-known X-BOW, and additional ice-operation capabilities. It reduces accelerations, pitch and heave, improves comfort and safety, and the operational window is increased," said the company. "There will be no sea on deck, and reduced ice build-up in cold climates, due to the stern shape and enclosed nature of the aft deck."

    The X-STERN is patent-pending in several countries, including the US and EU.


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