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    IMCA publishes ‘Guidance for Diving Supervisors’

    Publications // June 25, 2014

    The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) ‘Guidance for Diving Supervisors’ (IMCA D 022 Rev 1), (formerly ‘The Diving Supervisor’s Manual’) has been updated to reflect the latest diving industry good practice for diving supervisors all over the world, and is now available online and in printed format. 

    “Some of the most noteworthy changes to the document include new or revised guidance on eight key topics,” explains IMCA’s Technical Director, Jane Bugler.

    “These are: the safe movement of moored vessels acting as dive platforms; the safe conduct of dynamically positioned (DP) diving (example vessel hazard drawings have been added); secure isolation of hazardous machinery, valves or other equipment that could affect diver safety; wet-bell diving; minimum chamber sizes; planning for hyperbaric evacuation and the operation of hyperbaric evacuation systems; the safe use of lifting bags; and bell diver recovery drills.

    “Like all IMCA guidance, ensuring increased levels of safety lay at its core, as we strive for the industry ‘holy grail’ – zero incidents.”

    The revised version of D 022 has sections devoted to Diving Physics; Diving Medicine and First Aid; Environmental Conditions; Communications; Documentation; Management and Planning; Support Locations; Gas Handling; General Diving Procedures; Surface Supplied Air Diving; Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diving; Closed Bell Diving; Chambers; General Safety Requirements; as well as an introduction covering the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving; IMCA Certification Schemes; Qualification of Divers; and the IMCA Competence Assurance and Assessment Guidelines.

    Four appendices encompass IMCA Certification Schemes; Maximum Bottom Time Limitation; Weather Terminology and Classifications; and Vessel Hazard Drawings.

    IMCA D 022 Rev 1 is available for free downloading for members and non-members alike via the IMCA website at, with additional printed copies available to members at £25.00, or £40.00 for non-members, (plus 20% for delivery outside Europe).


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