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    All contracts for offshore section of South Stream gas pipeline now in place

    News // May 27, 2014

    Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, says the offshore section of the South Stream's gas pipeline is "running on schedule."

    Mr Miller said South Stream Transport has concluded all of the contracts required for the offshore gas pipeline to enter the construction stage in the autumn of 2014.

    In particular, the company placed orders for the procurement of over 150,000 pipes for the first two strings of South Stream's offshore section and signed contracts for their installation.

    An agreement has also been signed for supplying the process and control equipment for the offshore gas pipeline as well as an agreement for its certification. A contract for delivering gas metering equipment for the Russian and Bulgarian landfall sections is also in place.

    “The progress with the offshore gas pipeline section is the evidence of successful efforts made by the European and Russian stakeholders," said Mr Miller.

    "I am sure that South Stream will also promote cooperation on a larger scale, as the gas pipeline will yield mutual benefit and secure the reliability of energy supply to Bulgaria and Europe as a whole,” said Henning Voscherau, Chairman of the South Stream Transport Supervisory Board of Directors.

    South Stream will cross the Black Sea to Southern and Central Europe. Construction of the pipeline is underway in Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia. First gas will be delivered to European consumers in late 2015. The gas pipeline will reach its full capacity in 2018.

    The pipeline's offshore section will comprise four strings, each over 930km long, laid under the Black Sea at the depth of more than 2,200m.


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