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    Supply vessel hits Grane platform

    News // May 27, 2005
    The supply vessel Island Ranger "grazed" the Grane platform in the North Sea earlier this month, according to Norsk Hydro. No one was hurt as a result of the incident.

    The incident happened during a routine operation, while the vessel was moored alongside the platform to load and unload equipment and supplies.

    The mishap was caused by a malfunction in the supply boat's positioning system. Weather and sea conditions were good when the incident occurred.

    The supply vessel incurred only minor damage, and after unloading supplies at Grane, continued on its way. No significant damage to the Grane platform has been observed.

    The incident was routinely reported to the authorities, and the ship owner, Island Offshore Management as, in Ulsteinvik, Norway, which will initiate an investigation. Hydro will take part in the investigation and will also submit its own account of theaccident.

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