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    Thales GeoSolutions enhances ROV capability

    Vessel & ROV News // September 12, 2003
    Thales GeoSolutions' new generation of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) the G3 has been substantially enhanced to enable operation at depths of up to 4,000m.

    The upgrading has been achieved by redesign of the umbilical for increased power and improved telemetry, strengthening of the vehicle structure for extra ruggedness, increased buoyancy rating and the addition of enhanced cameras and survey sensors. The G3 is now capable of operating at full power on survey and intervention work for extensive periods at depths of 4,000m.

    Also well suited for inspection, repair and maintenance, the Thales G3 is a robust and reliable, 4,000m depth rated, work class ROV providing 125hp motive power, capable of 750kg bollard pull and a forward speed in excess of 3.5 knots. Specifically designed for the offshore industry, the G3 meets the multiple demands of the sub-sea market from high-end survey work to drill rig support.

    Improvements to the structure of the G3 sees the incorporation of high-strength titanium communication sensor and electronics pods, increased compensator fluid reservoir and volume, the addition of high-density buoyancy with supplementary sponsons, together with new cameras and survey sensors all rated for an operational depth of 4,000m. Other enhancements include upgraded depth rating of the vehicle's seven-function master/slave manipulator and five-function grabber, a more robust and reliable telemetry system and an umbilical that will provide the full power of 125hp at the required depth.

    Extending its working envelope, the G3 is capable of operating in conditions of up to sea state 6 (Beaufort 7) utilising its 10 Te SWL, 3G launch and recovery system (LARS). In addition, depending on the prevailing weather and operational circumstances,the ROV can be configured with lighter work-package options to approach up to 4G operation.

    The G3's associated control van has been completely redesigned to provide a robust state-of-the-art control and power system, including an ergonomically designed pilot control station. The control van is outfitted with industry standard components for the video, overlay, switching and PC based SCADA condition monitoring systems, allowing ease of supply and maintenance wherever deployed around the globe. The control van's imbedded wiring system reduces the possibility of accidental transit damage causingfaults and safety problems.

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