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    Solstad appointed President of Norwegian Shipowners Association

    Organisations and Associations // April 2, 2014

    On 31 March 2014, Lars Peder Solstad was elected as President of the Norwegian Shipowners Association (NSA). He takes over the position from Trond Kleivdal.

    In a statement, the association said: "Norway has one of the world's largest and most advanced fleets. The maritime industry creates jobs across the country and contributes 160 billions of annual values.

    "Norwegian shipping plays an important role in the global economy. The maritime cluster is continously looking for better and more environmentally friendly solutions , and this has given Norway a competitive and unique knowledge environment with innovative strength , global influence and appeal , says Solstad.

    Lars Peder Solstad also highlights that the maritime industry has a unique ability to change and innovation."

    "Along with the rest of the board and the employees of the association I look forward to continuing the major efforts to manage the industry's interests in a good way," said Mr Solstad.


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