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    Naming ceremony held for Seabed Supporter

    Vessel & ROV News // February 24, 2014

    The naming ceremony for Seabed Supporter, Swire Seabedís third specialist subsea vessel, was celebrated in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 12 February 2014.

    "Bringing Seabed Supporter to the Caspian has been a huge logistical challenge," said Swire Seabed. "She was partially constructed in Norway, and then towed in pieces to the Caspian along the Volga, the Don and the Volga- Don canal, passing through St Petersburg on the way."

    Seabed Supporter is equipped with two ROVs that will be manned and maintained by Swire Seabedís crew, an 80 tonne crane, and a diving spread that will be completed later this year. The vessel will be BPís lead inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessel in the region for years to come.

    "The delivery of a cutting edge IMR vessel to the Caspian is an exciting opportunity to show what Swire Seabedís crew are capable of in a new region where there are no similar vessels," said the company. "Her naming ceremony is an important milestone for the team in Baku, and we look forward to her starting her first operation very soon."



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