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    Sævik family planning to take Havyard Group public

    News // February 21, 2014

    The Sævik family in Norway is planning to take Havyard public.

    Per Sævik’s family company Havila Holding AS is planning to introduce Havyard Group on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

    Per Sævik, CEO of Havila Holding, said the move will improve the facility for further internationalisation and growth. The company has in recent years signed contracts with shipping companies from India, Nigeria, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway.

    The move to go public will be combined with a share issue, raising new capital to enable further international growth for Havyard Group through increased control of the value chain.

    Havila Holding AS will, in connection with the introduction of the company on the stock exchange, reduce its ownership but still hold a significant share of Havyard Group.

    Per Sævik, CEO of Havila Holding, said a reduction of ownership and the move to go public does not constitute a loss of faith in Havyard Group, quite the opposite: ”Our family has broad interests in the offshore supply industry. In light of this, and because we see that we need to optimise the conditions for continued growth for Havyard Group... we choose to reduce our ownership. Havyard has a significant potential for growth, but the further development of the company requires more than we as a family company can contribute.”


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