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    Alstom introduces new generation 'A' Series DP systems

    Equipment & Technology // May 27, 2005
    The Power Conversion Business of Alstom in the UK has unveiled its Enhanced 'A' Series Dynamic positioning (DP) system.

    Alstom says it has developed a product which offers numerous increased functional and performance benefits and meets the demanding requirements of today's offshore customers.

    Building upon the popular success of its proven 'A' Series family of products, the Enhanced 'A' Series closely resembles the current product look.

    The most important improvement is a new human machine interface (HMI) which has a unified appearance and feel, thus enhancing ergonomics and ease of use for the operator. The HMI also offers improved flexibility in integrating third party software, allowing greater customer choice and a reduction in the number of monitors required to display information.

    Dynamic positioning enhancements offer revised and simplified displays, configurable operator display preferences, day-night displays, chart data, tidal and weather information, amongst other improvements. The new system also boasts a whole range of updated and improved features such as revised operator panel layouts, larger LCD screens, greater computing power, a more flexible I/O system and new high speed network.

    The Enhanced 'A' Series range is designed to be compatible with the current 'A' Series and older 900 Series systems, allowing upgrades to the latest functionality whilst retaining existing I/O hardware and cabling thus ensuring minimum downtime during the upgrade.

    The 'A' Series is a family of products which form a comprehensive vessel management system integrating all aspects of vessel control, including dynamic positioning, alarms and monitoring, power management, ship auxiliaries, drilling control, tank levelmonitoring, LNG gas control, bilge and ballast systems, among others.

    The system comprises a number of distributed data acquisition units (field stations) located close to the equipment to be controlled or monitored. These are then connected onto a common network, enabling centralised information to be displayed to the operator. The modular nature of the 'A Series' enables it to be as simple or complex as the vessel application requires. The integration of the vessel management system has many benefits, but in particular, it reduces cost through minimised cabling, installation costs, common training and spares requirements.

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