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    Another reference for PhiDrive propulsion concept

    Company News // January 9, 2014

    Uksnøy & Co in Norway is the latest company to take advantage of Inpower's PhiDrive propulsion concept and has fitted the PhiDrive and PhiGrid on its seismic support vessel Rig Andromeda.

    The vessel is owned by Tanux Shipping and managed by Uksnøy & Co, which specialises in operating offshore support and seismic support units.

    Øystein Uksnøy, chief executive of Uksnøy & Co, an enthusiastic proponent of the PhiDrive concept described it as “fantastic.”

    The Ålesund shipping company was keen to take advantage of the energy efficient nature of the PhiDrive concept and of the reduced fuel consumption and emissions it makes possible compared with conventional machinery.

    “This is the most exciting development since the introduction of frequency converters allowed us to reduce propeller revolutions and thereby cut fuel use,” said Mr Uksnøy.

    “With the PhiDrive and PhiGrid, we expect to be able to optimise load curves on the propulsion machinery by running at fewer revolutions, and achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.”

    The patented PhiDrive uses directly connected permanent magnet motors between the ship’s diesel engines and the propellers. The new PhiGrid power take-off (PTO) solution also utilises permanent magnet machines to supply electricity for use onboard the vessel.

    Uksnøy & Co has entered into a contract with seismic survey specialist Dolphin Geophysical to use the vessel to supply support services such as bunkers and provisions to Dolphin’s seismic ships.



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