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    Allseas to build heavy lifter even larger that Pieter Schelte

    Vessel & ROV News // November 12, 2013

    Allseas says it has decided to build a second single-lift platform installation and decommissioning vessel.

    The new vessel, which will be even larger than Pieter Schelte, can remove all platform topsides in the North Sea which are beyond the capability of Pieter Schelte.

    Apart from decommissioning, the vessel is designed for worldwide installation of very large topsides.

    The topsides lift capacity will be 72,000 tonnes, exceeding the capacity of Pieter Schelte by 50 per cent.

    The vessel will have a breadth of 160m (525ft), whereas Pieter Schelte has a breadth of 124m (406ft).

    The new, larger unit will be operational in 2020.


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