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    Bureau Veritas responding to growth in OSV market

    Company News // October 22, 2013

    Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV) says it is responding to ongoing investment in the offshore support vessel (OSV) market in sophisticated vessels with deepwater capabilities by participating in initiatives at the IMO and the International Association of Classification Societies.

    “The new generation of high-specification vessels is pushing the boundaries of the existing international regulatory framework,” said BV. “A typical example is the carriage of hazardous and noxious liquids in bulk, as larger amounts of increasingly complex well intervention products are needed. For towing and anchor handling stability several regulations have been developed by administrations and class societies, but a global standard has yet to be agreed.

    “Other regulatory challenges include the transportation of personnel by OSVs, for which there is no international regulatory framework, the application of SOLAS and SPS Code to small OSVs and the certification of complex deck equipment for offshore support operations,” BV noted in VeriSTAR, a newsletter published by its marine division.

    “In order to overcome these challenges several initiatives have been taken by IMO, IACS and class societies. BV is involved at all levels with experts taking part in the development of regulations, including harmonised towing and anchor handling stability requirements, the OSV Chemical Code and class rules for OSVs and specialised equipment.

    Recently introduced class notations from BV include SAS (Supply At Sea), which is an important feature of seismic support operations and OHS (Offshore Handling Systems), which deals with classification of deck equipment.

    The requirements for anchor handling vessels have been fully updated and will enter into force on 1 January 2014 under service notation anchor handling vessel. Several new class notations related to OSVs, such as offshore heavy lifting, diving support and centralised navigation equipment are also under development at BV.

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