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    Fugro awarded Sakhalin II pre-construction survey

    News // August 1, 2003
    Fugro has announced that Fugro Project Ltd, Moscow, has been awarded the contract to undertake a pre-construction survey off Sakhalin Island, off the east coast of Russia, as part of the Sakhalin II Project. The value of the contract is 6.5 million.

    The contract was awarded by the project's developer, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (SEIC).

    Sakhalin II is believed to be the largest single integrated oil and gas project ever undertaken, and will enable year-round production of oil and gas from the Piltun Astokhskoye and Lunskoye fields.

    Fugro's tasks are to survey seven proposed pipeline/cable routes from three offshore sites to shore off the north east coast of Sakhalin and two proposed pipeline/cable routes from shore to a tanker loading facility off the southern coast of Sakhalin.

    The survey will require the use of a suite of survey systems working in water depths from 0-48m. The two offshore vessels involved are Fugro's 64m Setouchi Surveyor and the Trias, a 71m vessel operated by Fugro's Sakhalin based partner Pacific Engineering Company (PECO). A third vessel, PECO's 11m Geomarine, will survey the shallow water sections of the routes.

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