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    Pharos acquires subsea cable trencher

    Vessel & ROV News // July 16, 2013

    Pharos Offshore Group has acquired an SMD-built 1,200hp cable burial tool. The Universal Trenching Vehicle (UTV 1200) is a unique low and wide ROV specifically designed to bury submarine power cables.

    Modifications to the 1200HP UTV 1200 are underway. The enhancements will facilitate more effective post lay/installation burial and improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. Post-modification of the vehicle will provide an extremely stable platform and retain both jetting and hard ground cutting capability.

    The system has available 2 x 400hp directly driven electric motor/pump sets for jetting operations and a single 400hp subsea HPU. If required, the system has an additional 400HP subsea HPU which can be utilised as necessary for cutting operations.

    The overall vehicle height will be reduced to 3.7m improving handling ability, drag profile in strong currents and operations on inclined sea beds. The on board jetting assembly will be relocated to allow more effective vehicle steering and improved turning radius, making the system ideal for shorter runs on wind farm inter-array cables. The modifications will improve the operating parameters of the vehicle and provide clients with an effective tool for shallow water work.

    "This further strengthens Pharos’ efforts to advance offshore cable installation technology along with the development of the ITAT 1000 which is currently in-build at our facility in Harthill, Scotland," said the company. "The UTV 1200 and full operational crew with proven track record will be available very soon for offshore projects."



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