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    C&C's AUV completes ExxonMobil project

    Projects and Operations // August 1, 2003
    C&C Technologies recently completed an AUV site investigation survey off the coast of Angola for ExxonMobil.

    During the 34-day project, C&C's AUV, aboard the R/V Rig Supporter, collected high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data in water depths ranging from 500m to 900m.

    While collecting over 3,100km of data, the AUV utilized acoustic modems to transfer sub-sampled data to the R/V Rig Supporter for QA/QC measures performed by route engineers.

    Since becoming operational in January 2001, C&C's AUV has performed more than 24,000km of surveys on 47 different projects for government agencies and the oil and gas industry.

    The water depths for these projects range from 100-2,850m and encompass different levels of complexity.

    Some of the more high profile projects have been locating historical World War II shipwrecks, performing pipeline investigation surveys and surveying through a full-scale production FPSO location.

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