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    MWCC and Wood Group PSN form offshore response team

    News // May 1, 2013

    Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) and Wood Group PSN recently announced the formation of an offshore reserve response team.

    Made up of what it called "100 select reserve operations personnel," the team will be activated should MWCC’s modular capture vessels (MCVs) be called upon to respond to a well control incident in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

    “We look forward to working with Wood Group PSN to identify a team of exceptional operations personnel to operate the processing equipment on the MCVs during a response,” said the company.

    The team would be deployed to a deepwater well control incident to operate the processing equipment on the MCVs should MWCC’s expanded containment system (ECS) be required to cap and flow a well.

    In this situation, the system redirects the flow of fluids from the deepwater well to the MCVs through flexible pipes and risers. Using modular, adaptable process equipment installed on the capture vessel, the system is designed to separate liquids from gas, flare the gas and safely store the liquids until transferred to a shuttle tanker and taken to shore.

    "The selection and training of the reserve response team is an important step in the progress of the ECS," said MWCC. "Primarily based in southern Louisiana, the reserve response team members will be hand-selected by Wood Group PSN and trained to operate and maintain equipment onboard the MCVs during a response. The team will meet regularly for ongoing training and remain ready to respond to a deepwater well control incident in the US sector of the Gulf of Mexico."


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