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    France Telecom Marine to acquire new cable ship

    Vessel & ROV News // April 24, 2013

    France Telecom Marine, Orange's subsidiary that specializes in the installation and maintenance of submarine cables for the telecommunications sector, has announced the extension of its activities to cover the marine-based renewable energy sector.

    To position itself in this new sector, France Telecom Marine has ordered a new cable-ship that will be operational by the summer of 2014.

    The new ship, which will be named Pierre de Fermat, is designed to manage the installation and maintenance of all kinds of submarine cable, including fibre optic cable for the telecommunications sector or energy cables.

    The design of the vessel has been optimised to mreduce fuel consumption. The new unit will be equipped with a ROV which will enable the vessel to undertake surveys and inspections of the seabed and cut trenches to bury cable.

    Pierre de Fermat will have a length overall of 100.1m, breadth of 21.5m, loaded draft of 7.1m, maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a bollard pull of 80 tonnes. The vessel will have 4 x 2250 kWe & 1 x 715 kWe engines in a diesel-electric arrangement and accommodation for 80. It will have a deadweight of 4,000 tonnes, and be able to carry 2,300 tonnes of cable. It will be classed by Bureau Veritas ICE-IC AUT-IMS DP2.


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