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    Aker Arctic to design new icebreaker for Finnish government

    Vessel & ROV News // April 17, 2013

    The Finnish Transport Agency has signed a contract with Aker Arctic Technology for the design of the new icebreaker for the Finnish Government.

    Working in cooperation with ILS Oy, Aker Arctic will design the vessel and prepare the technical documents needed to arrange the tender for its construction in compliance, take responsibility over the performance of the vessel, and will assist the Transport Agency in negotiations with shipyards later this autumn.

    The government has already taken earlier a decision in principle to procure a new icebreaker, and 125 million Euros has been earmarked for its construction by winter 2016.

    The icebreaking capacity of the new icebreaker in all parameters will comply with the Urho class icebreaker. Due to its diesel-electric machinery, it will be able to move continuously through level ice that is 1.6m thick ice, break a 25m wide channel in 1.2m thick ice at speed of 6 knots, and reach a speed of 11 knots speed in the Baltic Sea.

    The draught of the vessel with full fuel tanks will be maximum 8m, which enables operation and assistance to merchant vessels on all major sea lanes. The service speed of the vessel in open water should be minimum 16 knots.

    In addition, the new icebreaker will be equipped for oil spill response operations and will perform emergency towing missions in open water and ice conditions prevailing in the Baltic Sea.

    The vessel will be able to collect spill oil at significant wave height up to at least 2m and 95 per cent of the time in the wind conditions prevailing in the Baltic Sea.

    The tanks for recovered oil and heating to the tanks will be sufficient for at least 1,500m3 of oil.


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