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    Ceona charters new build flexlay vessel

    Vessel & ROV News // March 21, 2013

    CEONA has confirmed that it has placed a contract for the charter of a high spec newbuild construction support vessel with GC Rieber Shipping.

    The vessel will be contracted exclusively to Ceona for an initial period of five years with the option of up to five additional years.

    The high-capacity vessel is designed for operations in harsh conditions and deep waters, with a length of 130m and a 25m beam.

    The vessel will be built to the highest standard for dynamic positioning, DP3, and is equipped with a 250t AHC offshore crane.

    The vessel is designed to operate in the SURF market, with capacity for flexible pipe loads below deck and on main deck, and a vertical pipelaying system above the moonpool.

    The ship can accommodate 130 crew members, and is built according to the latest international environmental standards.

    CEONA will equip the vessel with a 270 tonne VLS which is capable of installing flexible pipe and umbilicals to 3,000m water depth.

    The vessel's hull is currently in construction in the Ukraine, and will be towed for outfitting by Ulstein Verft in Norway. Once outfitted with the VLS, the vessel will be available for work in the first quarter of 2014.

    CEONA's Chief Executive, Steve Preston, said: "We are very pleased to award the contract for the new vessel, which will be an excellent addition to our fleet, and a valuable part of our ongoing growth strategy.

    "It will enhance our project delivery capabilities and will complement the work of the Ceona Amazon, our new rigid pipelay vessel due for delivery in January 2015."


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