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    Polar Duke to recommence high resolution 3-D survey

    Projects and Operations // March 13, 2013

    Dolphin Geophysical's high-end 3D seismic vessel Polar Duke will shortly commence acquisition of its remaining UK Quads, 29 and 30, of Sharp BroadBand High Resolution 3D multi-client surveys.

    It is estimated that it will take approximately five months to complete the current planned survey coverage which was partially acquired last year. Dolphin's sister vessel, Polar Duchess, will complete the survey after Polar Duke leaves the area due to committed contract work.

    Phase-1 acquired last year, about 20 per cent of the now programmed SHarp BroadBand 3D coverage, has already undergone extensive PSTM processing tests which were overseen by several companies using Dolphin's in-house proprietary OpenCPS software at their UK Centre. AVO and Inversion testing was also commenced last month and these results will be reviewed with committed clients during March.

    Dolphin will deliver to all committed clients a High End Fast-Track volume, as well as the final full PSTM datasets later this year. AVO, Inversion and possibly PSDM datasets will be defined with involvement from clients.

    "This is another milestone for Dolphin Geophysical who rapidly entered the 3D Multi-Client market last year," said Ian T Edwards, Dolphin's Vice President of Global Multi-Client Surveys and New Ventures.

    "Dolphin's UK Quads 29 and 30 SHarp BroadBand High-Resolution MC 3D place us in a strong position to expand our data coverage further in this region.

    "The processing results from Phase-1 acquired in 2012 confirmed the anticipated need for 75m streamer separation rather than the traditional 100m in order to preserve the full SHarp bandwidth for imaging the steep dip salt flanks and detailed faulting within the survey area.

    "Dolphin's BroadBand acquisition and processing techniques allow us to compete on a more even playing-field with the major seismic contractors as well as placing us ahead of others.

    "We continue to see a good level of pre-funding and support for our Multi-Client surveys," he said.


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