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    BOURBON takes delivery of the Bourbon Evolution 803

    Vessel & ROV News // February 27, 2013

    BOURBON has taken delivery of the third vessel in its series of new subsea vessels, which are designed to operate in water depths of 3,000m.

    The first two sisterships are already operational in West Africa.

    “The series of 10 Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels means BOURBON can provide clients with a new generation of versatile vessels devoted to subsea operations. They are designed to meet future challenges in the offshore oil sector and operate at depths of 3,000m in complete safety. These vessels provide a variety of services in operational and economic harmony with the deep offshore market,” said Christian Lefèvre, Managing Director of BOURBON.

    “The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are in line with the BOURBON strategy for fleet standardization and management optimization as proved by the successful choice of diesel-electric propulsion system on the Bourbon Liberty series, two large cranes that can work simultaneously and DP3 dynamic positioning.”

    The first vessel in the series, Ungundja, has been operating in Angola since December 2011. Total E&P Angola has said it has “really added value to offshore operations as...they require larger lifting systems.” After over a year of operations, the vessel has installed numerous jumpers and christmas trees on the Dalia and Pazflor fields as well as other operations.

    Bourbon Evolution 802 joined the fleet in September 2012 and operates off the coast of Nigeria.

    Delivered at the end of January 2013, Bourbon Evolution 803 will operate in Malaysia.


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