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    NHC to test safety equipment

    Company News // January 16, 2013

    Oceanbuzz reports that a hyperbaric and UKAS testing facility in the UK has won a contract to test a piece of life saving equipment for the diving industry.

    The National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC), based in Aberdeen, has recently taken on the testing of The Sea Marshall, a piece of equipment used by divers worldwide for alerting and locating a man overboard.

    The Sea Marshall testing contract will ensure the compliance of the vital piece of safety equipment and will see it being tested at the facility in an 800 bar hyperbaric chamber for use of up to 100m of sea water to fully ensure the compliance of the equipment for the offshore industry.

    It is a small piece of equipment that is worn by crewmember’s at risk of falling overboard and provides 24/7 monitoring. The equipment has a 30-year history of saving lives and is the leading Maritime Survivor Locating Devices (MSLD) worldwide and is industry standard for the North Sea. The self-activating equipment transmits an emergency homing signal that is received and tracked on a dedicated base unit.

    Marketing Coordinator for the NHC, Allan Kendall said: “The diving industry is a sector which requires a lot of compliance and testing of equipment. It is vital that equipment is kept up to scratch with industry standard and that safety checks are regularly carried out.

    "The Sea Marshall is a small piece of equipment that is vital to a diver or offshore worker and ultimately life saving. The contract further expands the NHC’s commitment to the safety of the offshore industry.”


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