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    MSI provides realtime current measurement systems fors seismic project

    Projects and Operations // November 22, 2012

    Metocean Services International (MSI) recently completed a realtime current measurement programme for CGG Veritas to support seismic operations offshore Ivory Coast.

    The system was installed on the support vessel Tanux-1, and provided real-time current profile data both on the Tanux-1, as well as via radio to the seismic vessel Vanquish.

    The system consisted of a TRDI 300kHz ADCP, cabled to a PC running TRDIís VMDas software. The software controlled the operation of the ADCP and displayed the data in real-time on the Tanux-1.

    A Hemisphere GPS provided positioning and navigation data to the VMDas software so that the vessel motion was removed from the measurements.

    Data was then automatically exported to a text file, which was transmitted via Satel radio modem to the Vanquish. There it was captured by a Campbell Scientific datalogger and displayed using LoggerNet software configured as per the clientís requirements.


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