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    Inpower concludes agreement with Scana Volda for PMM-driven CRPs

    Equipment & Technology // October 17, 2012

    Inpower in Norway has entered into an agreement with Scana Volda to deliver directly coupled permanent magnet motors (PMMs) for a newly developed counter-rotating propeller (CRP) system.

    The CRP is is to be installed on a PSV under construction at Kleven Maritime for Ugland Supplier.

    The Salt 100 PSV is to be delivered by the Norwegian yard to the owner in January 2014. It has been designed by Salt Ship Design in Stord south of Bergen.

    The CRP system has been developed in collaboration by that company and Scana Propulsion.

    "Substantial improvements have been achieved in this solution compared with existing designs, and it has already attracted great interest in the market," said Inpower.

    “The newly developed CRP system is a big boost for us in terms of both innovation and execution,” said Kristian Sætre, chief executive of Scana Propulsion.

    “Inpower’s expertise with permanent magnet motors combined with an efficient and competent supplier network explain why we chose it as our partner for this exciting project.”

    Permanent magnet motors are an accepted and well-tried technology. Inpower has specialist expertise and long experience with permanent magnet technology, and a well-established collaboration with leading manufacturers of such motors.

    The company says CRPs have "clear advantages" for PSVs because they permit optimum utilisation of the hull design at the stern, and because they are more efficient than traditional propellers. In addition, the solution is robust and has built-in redundancy in that each propeller is individually driven by a dedicated permanent magnet motor.



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