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    Oceaneering and Horizon Marine form alliance

    News // September 3, 2004
    Oceaneering International and Horizon Marine have formed an alliance offering precision Loop Current and eddy surveys for deepwater Gulf of Mexico operations.

    Utilizing a towed Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and any available vessel from Oceaneering's fleet, combined with Horizon's established oceanographic and analytical expertise, the new service provides detailed tracking reports for monitoring current features.

    The advance and retreat of Eddy Ulysses, a named 2004 feature expected to be present in the GOM during the fall months, can be followed "on call" quickly and easily with the towed ADCP. Like hurricanes, a named eddy swirl that separates from the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico impacts deepwater operations. Since the presence of adverse current conditions alters work schedules, near real-time monitoring is an asset for operators.

    Fast mobilization and flexible scheduling allow ADCP data acquisition reports on a timely turnaround. Data sets that have been continuously measured from the surface down to 600 meters with accuracies better than one-half knot are analyzed and deliveredto the Customer in the form of current speed and direction profiles, and cross sections along the ship's track.

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