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    Emergency Incident Management Centre to open in Aberdeen

    News // July 3, 2012

    An emergency response hub for the oil and gas industry is being built in Aberdeen, delivering modern crisis management facilities for exploration and production operators, service and support companies, and creating at least ten new jobs.

    Altor, the global risk management group, is investing £250,000 in the development of the centre at Lord Cullen House, Fraser Place, on the site adjacent to the Health & Safety Executive's regional base.

    The incident management centre includes a high specification emergency response control room facility, using the latest communications and management technologies, and associated support services for companies operating in challenging environments on and offshore in the North Sea and beyond.

    The centre will provide 24/7 support to companies in the event of an emergency situation, including a pool of specialist responders, effective practical training exercises and simulations, advice and consultancy.

    Global asset tracking and Command, Control and Information management software systems will allow responders to make decisions based on real-time information, and log every step of an incident to ensure lessons can be learned at every stage.

    Altor has already recruited some of the most experienced incident management and emergency response operatives in the country to run and staff the centre, which will be operational from August.

    Crisis management and logistics specialist Andrew Couper, a former British Army staff officer who has more than 25 years' experience in emergency planning and managing emergency response control rooms, has been appointed to manage the centre.

    Previously co-ordinator of the multi-agency emergency risk assessment, planning and response group for the Grampian Police force area, Mr Couper will oversee the development, management and promotion of the centre.

    He said: “Major events in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico have underlined the importance of planning for and testing various scenarios to ensure that an organisation is well equipped to deal with any potential situation.

    “An effective response to an incident is dependent on a wide range of factors of which the incident management centre itself is only one. These factors are all carefully considered in our approach to preparing procedures, training and responding.

    "The availability and participation of professionals who have experience of responding to and handling real emergencies, and are familiar with how to work with agencies and the wide ranging communications needed when dealing with a major incident, is crucial in any crisis.

    “With both established oil and gas operators and new entrants pushing the boundaries in terms of production there are ever-increasing operational and environmental risks. There is rightly an increasing scrutiny on the ability of companies to respond and we believe that more competition and capacity in this specialist marketplace will be welcomed by the industry.”


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