Hallin Marine extends its fleet with Outer Limit

Vessel & ROV News - May 16, 2012

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Hallin Marine’s Australian operation has entered into a long term charter with Fremantle-based Salter Offshore for the catamaran Outer Limit.

A dynamically positioned subsea and offshore operations support craft, Outer Limit has accommodation for 32 persons and 160m2 of clear deck space. The 35m vessel is capable of carrying 70 tonnes of project equipment at speeds of up to 20 knots over up to 1,800 nautical miles.

Outer Limit is equipped with a 12 tonne deck crane. Optional 15 tonne and 45 tonne A-frames and a 20 tonne winch can also be mobilised. Additional facilities include a 1.5m x 1.5m moonpool for equipment deployment and a separate transducer moonpool.

For offshore operations, the Kongsberg dynamic positioning system provides excellent station-keeping capability enabling the vessel to carry out a wide range of activities.
Hallin’s Australia Country manager, Simon Hird, sees a bright future for the vessel: “We recognised the Outer Limit's potential from the moment we first stepped on board. While much of the focus in Australia is on huge offshore construction project, there remains a demand for versatile smaller vessels for a wide range of applications.

"Potential applications include construction project support, carrying out planned and unplanned intervention, inspection, maintenance and repair activities. Work space on the bridge deck puts much larger vessels to shame.

"Port and starboard work areas overlook the back deck, providing room to house survey or project engineering teams and their equipment.

"Double-insulated accommodation on board the Outer Limit has been built to an extremely high standard, with large bunks, satellite television in each cabin, independent air conditioning, a large communal lounge and a spacious mess. Sound levels from the twin 1,600 horse-power main engines do not exceed 70 decibels even when the vessel is under way at full speed.

"We believe Outer Limit sets a new standard in this sector to maintain safe and efficient oil and gas production from the network of wells, platforms, FPSOs and pipelines around Australia’s shores.

"When combined with Hallin’s subsea equipment, the Outer Limit is a highly efficient and cost effective platform for carrying out survey, air diving, ROV, geotechnical/geophysical and general offshore support work."

The integral 45 tonne A-frame allows Outer Limit to operate as a hyperbaric rescue vessel in support of saturation diving operations. The A-frame is suitable for the recovery of self propelled hyperbaric lifeboats and hyperbaric rescue chambers.

The vessel’s high transit speed enables the lifeboat or rescue chamber to be rapidly transferred to a shore based hyperbaric reception facility.

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