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    Biodegradable fluids approved for use in Rolls-Royce deck gear

    Equipment & Technology // May 10, 2012

    Terresolve, which specialises in producing environmentally safe lubricants and functional fluids, has announced that Rolls-Royce Deck Machinery (Brattvaag Group) has approved its EnviroLogic 3000 line of high-performance, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids for use in its products.

    Terresolve’s EnviroLogic 3000 hydraulic fluids are readily biodegradable, non-toxic and are a direct replacement for their petroleum analogues.

    The fluids are safe to use in environmentally sensitive applications, and there are no long term negative environmental effects in the event of a leak or spill. The EnviroLogic 3000 hydraulic fluids break down into natural parts within 28 days in accordance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) ultimate biodegradation test.

    “Rolls-Royce is very environmentally conscious. We have been working closely with the company to make sure our fluids are the right fit for Rolls-Royce’s deck machinery,” says Terresolve CEO Mark Miller.

    “Our customers seek environmental fluids that work. While we’ve had highly successful eco-friendly fluids for years, it takes time to prove their performance before they become fully embraced and adopted.”

    Rolls-Royce provides deck machinery solutions that are suitable for all vessels in the offshore supply and service fleet. The offshore industry has seen a multitude of environmental fluids that have failed due harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures and moisture. Successful fluids must be durable to offer long term performance.

    Terresolve products are well-suited for these types of extreme applications, and provide Rolls-Royce with an environmentally safe solution that does not sacrifice performance.

    “Terresolve products are different than petroleum based products and other eco-friendly products,” Miller explains. “Our fluids utilize what we call BioPolyOlefins, which are similar to Synthetic PAO’s and fall into the ISO 6743 Environmental Hydraulic Fluids Classification ‘HEPR’ category. Most other biofluids use synthetic ester (HEES) technology, which is susceptible to oxidation and hydrolysis.”

    Approval of the EnviroLogic 3000 series of fluids, which is comprised of five hydraulic fluids with distinct viscosity grades, demonstrates that performance does not have to be sacrificed for environmental protection. Environmentally conscious customers focused on the marine market like Rolls-Royce rely on Terresolve fluids to safeguard against environmental damage and perform successfully in all offshore applications.

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