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    Sartor Offshore Rescue rebrands

    Company News // April 19, 2012

    Aberdeen-based standby vessel operator Sartor Offshore Rescue Ltd has officially rebranded to Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd. The company achieved a turnover of £25million in 2011.

    The company, which has been in operation since 1995, manages a fleet of 13 ERRVs (emergency response and rescue vessels) and four PSVs (platform supply vessels) out of Aberdeen. It is part of the Atlantic Offshore Group (previously Sartor Offshore Group) which is based in Norway.

    John Bryce, managing director of Atlantic Offshore Rescue, said: “As a name, Atlantic Offshore far better reflects the company’s core business which primarily supports international offshore oil and gas operations. We hope this will be a successful move for the company, allowing us to differentiate our service and vessels from so many other companies who include Sartor in their company name.

    “Our UK fleet of 13 vessels are currently all out on contract with 11 based in the North Sea, one in Brazil and another in the Falklands which is a new location for us to work in. Due to an increased demand for our services there are plans in place to invest in the expansion of our fleet and this will be announced in the near future.

    “Our vessels are currently undergoing their rebranding and as they come back to shore we are taking the opportunity to make the changes, they will all bear the new Atlantic Offshore Rescue logo and branding within the next month. It is a fresh new look but our clients have been assured that the changes are just aesthetic, the quality and strength of our service offering will remain the same,” he continued.

    Roy Wareberg, CEO of Norway-based parent company Atlantic Offshore AS, said: “We operate in a highly competitive market and a clear identity is important. The name and the visual profile have both been well received internally as well as externally.

    “Atlantic Offshore plans for an anticipated growth in the market for standby vessels and platform supply vessels. During the last few years, the company has invested considerable amounts in new vessels as well as in the modernisation of our existing fleet.

    “Our aim is to position the Atlantic Offshore Group as a strong international brand in our industry, which is generally recognised for reliability and safety and as a solid and exciting company to work for,” he continued.

    Atlantic Offshore Group currently operates a fleet of 20 ERRVs (emergency response and rescue vessels) and PSVs (platform supply vessels), and manages a further four PSVs on behalf of a third party.

    The company’s aim is to continue to expand its standby and emergency response capabilities within both the Norwegian and British sector of the North Sea and to be able to provide cross-border solutions reflecting the needs of its clients.

    Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd employs 350 people (approximately 330 seamen and 20 office-based staff) and provides multi-role offshore and emergency rescue and response vessels for many of the oil majors operating in the North Sea.

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