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    Fugro's FCV 600 ROV arrives in Aberdeen

    Vessel & ROV News // April 13, 2012

    Fugro Subsea says its new FCV 600 ROV, which evolved from the field-proven deepwater FCV 3000, which is used on the company’s fleet of construction vessels, has arrived in Aberdeen.

    The FCV 600 utilizes most of the main components from the FCV 3000, these are simply repackaged in a much more compact frame with a smaller buoyancy block, resulting in a reliable, easily maintained and powerful ROV with high thrust which can be TMS deployed or free flown.

    The system has been specifically designed for underwater intervention tasks in support of oil, gas and renewable energy projects. While retaining the ability to operate in heavy weather the light weight modular launch and recovery system, is designed to fit in areas where deck space and weight is at a premium.

    The whole system weighs less than half the weight of a standard ROV system and requires around a third less space.

    The FCV 600 is able to operate in areas of high tidal current, the reduce “sail area” gives the FCV 600 a huge power to weight advantage, with the addition of the Fugro Tracked Skid, the FCV 600 is able to operate on the seabed in up to 7 knots of current.
    High capacity multimode fibre-optics is used as the prime communications link for all video and data signals between the vehicle and the surface control console. This allows extremely high quality video technology as well as plug and play installation of all sensors and equipment.

    Alan Anderson, the company's ROV technical manager, explained: “At the heart of the FCV 600 is Fugro’s well-proven control & communications system based on single-mode fibre optic technology giving an exceptionally high data throughput and which features automatic switching in the event of a fibre failure.

    "This is complemented by high end multiplexer capability that can handle up to three HD cameras and 12 conventional cameras (eight simultaneously) and provides a wide range of data communication protocols; facilitating the efficient integration of add-on tools and sensors.

    "In addition; it should be noted that the Fugro control solution can also be found in the TMS and the optional IVP, making it one of the most versatile control solutions available ”

    A built-in high flow dirty work-pack saves space and ensures easy reliable interface of proprietary tooling skids, extra tools and equipment saving non productive trips to the surface to change tools.

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