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    Forum Subsea Technologies launches Tomahawk ROV

    Vessel & ROV News // March 15, 2012

    The Tomahawk will be manufactured by Sub-Atlantic in the UK.

    Forum Subsea Technologies has launched the Tomahawk, the latest addition to its range of multi-role remote operated vehicles (ROVs).

    Tomahawk has been built to be fast and agile and it shares the same 35kW power system and thrusters as Forum’s largest electric, the Comanche. It is manufactured by Sub-Atlantic, a product line of Forum Subsea Technologies, at its facility in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

    Forum’s Sub-Atlantic product range includes the Comanche, Mohican, Super Mohawk, Mohawk, Mojave and Navajo Electric ROV Systems and subCAN high-speed communications data network system.

    Mick Jones, senior vice president of Forum Subsea Technologies, said: "The Tomahawk has been designed and built in response to customers’ needs for a dependable and adaptable multi-role ROV that can deploy and operate in demanding environments.”

    Tomahawk’s open deck space and payload are supported by a large buoyancy area, which provides a very stable platform. It is rated to a depth of 3,000m, which makes it ideal for deep-water operations such as the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and Brazil. It is also well suited to a variety of uses including survey, well intervention and drilling support tasks.

    "Relative to electro-hydraulic work-class systems, Tomahawk reduces the quantity of personnel and the level of specialism required to operate it," said the company. "In addition, it requires less vessel deck space and minimal capital."

    The Tomahawk is also equipped with Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) and dual gigabit Ethernet options and communication junction box to easily integrate the operators’ own equipment, which can be monitored, controlled and diagnosed by Forum Subsea’s Sub-Atlantic subCAN system.

    Combined with Sub-Atlantic’s 3,000v, 400Hz small diameter tether technology makes the Tomahawks speed and agility ideal for live-boating operations. It can also be equipped with a 10kW hydraulic power unit for running heavy-duty manipulators, tools and work skids.

    The Type 4 Tether Management System (TMS) allows the tether to be connected to either rear or top of the Tomahawk. With the tether fitted to its top, it may be garaged facing in our out of the TMS.

    Garaged facing inwards, it may simultaneously carry camera boom arms on the front and TSS440 search coils on the rear. Garaged facing outward, Tomahawk can be fitted with manipulators (front) and intervention tooling (rear).


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