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    Approval for commercial wave power array on Orkney – WWF comments

    News // February 16, 2012

    The WWF says Scotland has moved a step closer to a greener future following government approval of the nation’s first near shore commercial wave power array, which will power more than 1,000 homes. 
    Commenting on the announcement Dr Dan Barlow Head of Policy of WWF Scotland
    said: "Consent for Scotland's first wave energy array that will feed into the grid is
    an exciting step forward towards realising our huge marine energy potential.

    “Scotland is well ahead of the game in developing wave power and this technology
    has the potential to be of global significance in our efforts to tackle climate
    change and offers huge export benefits too.
    “Alongside energy saving measures, marine renewables will have a critical role
    to play in helping reduce climate emissions as we phase out polluting fossil
    fuels and nuclear power.
    “With careful planning we can harness Scotland's wave and tidal energy to help
    cut our climate emissions, while safeguarding the nation's tremendous marine

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