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    Ashtead Technology takes delivery of SeaBat 7125 ROV sonars

    Equipment & Technology // February 8, 2012

    Ashtead Technology in Aberdeen UK has taken delivery of a further six Reson SeaBat 7125ROV2 systems with FlexMode, fully calibrated and ready for use, less than a week after placing the order.

    The SeaBat 7125ROV2 is the latest evolution of the SeaBat 7125 Series, and is specifically aimed at the oil, gas and renewable market.

    The 7125 ROV2 systems were supplied with RESONís new FP2.0 software as well as the FlexMode option. The new FP2.0 software offers variable swath width from 45 to 165 degrees, with electronic beam steering (head tilt).

    The FlexMode beam forms equidistant beams across the full cross profile to a user defined grid distance. The remaining beams are formed as equiangular beams in a user defined high resolution sector. This high resolution sector provides the user with a very detailed profile of the pipeline with a very clean data set, which is fast to process, thus saving time and money.

    Ashtead Technology rents specialist equipment to the offshore oil and gas, environmental monitoring and industrial inspection industries.


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