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    DSV strikes Deep Panuke platform

    News // September 12, 2011

    CBC reports that a dive support vessel will remain in port in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia during an investigation into why it hit the Deep Panuke offshore natural gas platform.

    CBC said that at about 5.45am last Tuesday, Acergy Discovery struck one of the legs of the platform as well as the riser caisson.

    "The vessel then left the field, it returned to port to Mulgrave and there's an investigation underway to figure out what exactly happened," said Lori MacLean, a spokeswoman for EnCana Corp.

    "The vessel works in fairly close proximity to the platform, but obviously it shouldn't make any type of contact with it."

    MacLean said although there were divers in the water at the time, no one was hurt.

    "At the time of the incident there were diving operations taking place to connect the equipment offshore so that natural gas can flow from the wells of Deep Panuke to the production platform," she said.


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