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    Hallin subsea operations vessel arrives in Australia

    Projects and Operations // August 18, 2011

    Hallin Marine says its subsea operations vessel Carlisle has arrived in Australia to undertake a significant contract on the North West Shelf. Supporting air diving services on a major field development, the initial work is scheduled for 110 days with a further series of options to extend beyond that.
    Carlisle is a 76m DP 2 subsea support vessel built in 2006. Equipped with a 50 tonne crane and accommodation for up to 126 people, the vessel has been deployed by Hallin in a wide and varied range of successful projects. These include ROV operations as well as saturation and air diving using Hallinís in-house design diving systems.

    Carlisle has also successfully acted as a flotel, accommodating personnel involved in the hook-up of an offshore facility in the harsh environment offshore Sakhalin Island.

    The vesselís adaptability makes it ideally suited to construction support, IRM and even shutdown support work. Hallin has already positioned two workclass ROVs in Perth, and will also station mobile saturation and air diving systems in the country to support its vessel operations.
    In addition to Carlisle, Hallin is also preparing the SOV Windermere for deployment to Australia later this year. Launched mid-2010, Windermere is designed and built to Hallinís specification and optimised for construction support and IRM operations.

    Facilities onboard the 80m vessel include a 15 man saturation diving system, two workclass ROVs, a 50 tonne/1,500m rated crane, high-efficiency Voith Schneider diesel-electric propulsion and accommodation for up to 120 people.

    Since its launch, Windermere has worked on projects throughout SE Asia. It will now become Hallinís core Australian asset, with a principal focus on saturation diving and ROV support.

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