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    Jumbo Shipping delivers 51 monopiles in seven voyages

    Projects and Operations // August 5, 2011

    Jumbo Shipping has successfully transported a total of 51 monopiles from EEW's manufacturing plant in Rostock, Germany, to Barrow-in-Furness in the UK. The monopiles’ final destination was DONG Energy's Walney ofshore windfarm.

    When the contract was awarded, the first shipment was only seven weeks away, during which time Jumbo engineered all shipments and designed and manufactured saddles for the monopiles. Within this short period of time all was ready and approved by the Marine Warranty Surveyor.

    Jumbo's HLV Fairpartner made six consecutive voyages carrying eight monopiles at a time: two in the hold and six on deck.

    The largest monopile weighed 806 tonnes and measured 68m in length and 6.5m in diameter.

    In order to improve the delivery schedule, DONG Energy asked Jumbo to employ the HLV Jumbo Vision to transport the last three monopiles. The transport engineering plus design and fabrication of the stoppers for the sea fasting of the monopiles was completed in just two weeks.

    At Barrow-in-Furness, the discharging of the monopiles was done round the clock in order to make the port stay as short as possible.

    Jumbo’s shallow draft vessel entered the port during high water. After entering the dock gate had to be closed and no marine traffic was possible. Each discharge operation of eight monopiles was completed within 36 hours.

    By transporting as much as eight monopiles per voyage, Jumbo was able to complete the project in a substantially small number of voyages and thus reduced the project’s environmental impact.

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