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    Supply boats and anchor handlers sold by US Marshall

    News // June 25, 2004
    Five supply and anchor handling tug supply boats were auctioned off on the US Federal Courthouse steps in Lafayette, Louisiana earlier this month. About 26 people attended the auction with ten registered bidders signing in and showing proof of deposit.

    At 10:00 o'clock a.m. after the Clerk of the Court read the court orders and terms and conditions of the sale, individual bidding started on the 180ft x 40ft, 2,700HP Seacor Osprey at US$5,000. Osprey had been originally built as a straight platform supply vessel by Halter Marine in 1981, converted to an oil recovery/emergency response vessel in 1994 and had been cold-stacked since 2001. Bids slowly increased at US$5,000 increments to US$50,000, at which time she was sold to Hossain Jalabadi of Diversified Engineering Services, of Houston.

    Next on the block was the 190ft x 40ft Kodiak Island, a 3,900BHP anchor handling tug supply boat built in 1980 by Halter Marine. Bidding also started at US$5,000, first increasing by US$5,000 increments and then jumped from US$15,000 to US$200,000. The vessel was finally sold for US$275,000, also to Diversified Engineering Services who had purchased Osprey.

    The 198ft x 42ft AHTS Seacor Rebel built in 1983 by Moss Point Marine and powered by a pair of EMD 16-645CE2's totaling 3,900BHP started off bids at a low US$5,000, immediately jumped up to US$500,000 and then continued at US$5,000 increments until reaching a high of US$805,000 which was bid by Jettco LLC.

    The remaining two vessels, the 230ft x 42ft, 3900HP Gulf Yankee (ex-Seacor Yankee) built in 1982 by Moss Point and lengthened in 1996 and the 248ft x 44ft diesel electric, dynamically positioned Gulf Frontier (ex-Gulf Frontier) built in 1981 by Halter and lengthened/converted to a "new generation" PSV for deepwater service in 1996 were both bought back by the creditors.

    Once individual bidding completed, all five vessels were offered "in globo" (en-bloc) with bidding to start at US$3,580,000. No bids were received and the vessels were awarded to the individual highest bidders "as is, where is" and free and clear of allliens, encumbrances and pre-existing claims whether recorded or otherwise.

    Gulf Yankee and Gulf Frontier are now available for negotiated resale through Marcon International, who handled the marketing of the auction and are acting as exclusive brokers on behalf of the owners.

    Although the auction was restricted to only US buyers, the vessels are now available for sale to either foreign or domestic buyers on an "as is, where is" basis. However, any sale to a foreign buyer will have to be contingent on MARAD approval to be obtained by the foreign buyer.

    Further details on both vessels can be found on Marcon's website and price guidance is available on request. Seacor Osprey and Kodiak Island are expected to depart the "oil patch" and work in Caribbean cargo trade and Seacor Rebel is expected to go back to work as an offshore tug supply boat for the new owners.

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