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    OGP members agree to Arctic spill response technology programme

    News // July 11, 2011

    The Oil & Gas Producers Association (OGP) recently announced that eight member companies have agreed to establish a Joint Industry Programme (JIP) for Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology.

    The JIP will concentrate on the challenges to oil exploration in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions that are not found in more temperate areas.

    According to OGP Technical Director John Campbell, the JIP will focus in particular on minimising the risk of offshore spills amidst sea ice and testing the suitability of spill response resources where operators will encounter periods of darkness, extreme cold and the presence of sea ice.

    Overall, he said, the aim will be to improve industry capability and co-ordination in the area of Arctic oil spill response.

    Over an initial three year funding period, the JIP hopes to raise more than US$20 million to carry out research investigations and related field activities in areas such as:

    • Dispersant use in broken ice
    • The fate of dispersed oil beneath ice
    • Oil slick trajectory modelling in ice and in poor visibility conditions
    • Tracking oil in and beneath ice
    • Mechanical recovery in ice-strewn waters.

    For more information about the Arctic JIP, contact:


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